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I served as a Science Consultant for NOVA, The Nature of Reality, the physics blog of the PBS television station, WGBH Boston. I worked with NOVA's Greg Kestin, consulting on the narration text and content for videos he created, including...
I was a Science Consultant for NOVA, The Nature of Reality, the physics blog of the PBS TV station, WGBH Boston for Greg Kestin's video “4 Multiverses You Might Be Living In”. Also see Charles Q. Choi's excellent article accompanying the video.
I served as a Science Consultant for the FX TV series "Wilfred", starring Elijah Wood. In Wilfred S3, E10, "Distance" (Aug 15, 2013), Elijah's character, Ryan, needed to investigate wormholes and time machines for some reason. I was asked to write some text for and mock up a hypothetical website about wormholes. They used parts of my text, made their own images, and here is a photographed screenshot of what actually aired. Also see here.
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TV Documentary teaser, by PBS NOVA, S46, E2, premiers Wed, Jan 9 2019 [Buy DVD] [TV]
Science Museum Exhibits
The MIT Museum exhibit explores the Cosmic Bell Experiment, an international research project including MIT physicists David Kaiser, Alan Guth, and Andrew Friedman that uses astronomical observations to explore the mystery of quantum entanglement. The exhibit was developed with MIT students and museum staff in a MIT Museum Compton Studio workshop.
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I was selected to participate in the UC Santa Cruz Institute for the Philosophy of Cosmology, a 3-week summer workshop sponsored by the Rutgers Templeton Project in the Philosophy of Cosmology. Lecture videos are online under the “Program” link (Jun 23-July 14, 2013)
I was invited to display an art exhibit at the Cafe Gato Rojo, the graduate student cafe inside Dudley House at Harvard University. The opening reception event was held on September 19, 2008 and the exhibit was up for the Fall 2008 semester. As someone who has always been fascinated with geometric art, optical illusions, and the labrynthine sketches of M.C. Escher, I have been fortunate to find myself studying a subject where geometry is king. While geometry governs the motion of everything from baseballs to galaxies, it also determines the expansion history of the universe. And if our current best theories of nature are correct, geometry forms the basis for the fundamental structure of matter, space, and time itself. If mathematical and physical existence are as deeply intertwined as such a picture suggests, the we, beings of matter, are at heart composed of pure shape, folded nothing that has somehow contrived to ponder the nature of its existence, occasionally by drawing it.
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